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Nukem's Chess


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No prizes will be won on this site. So please abide by the rules.

    1: Relax and have fun!!!

    2: Use your OWN chess skills when playing these games. These tournaments are merely for pride and bragging rights. If you utilize outside sources, you are only lying to yourself.

    3: Every player must make at least one move per week.

    4: Let me know who won the game. (How can you win here if you don't let me know that you won there?)

    5: All opponents are chosen at random by myself. If you are paired to play another contestant...well play him.

    6: All games will be played at Stan's. No exceptions.

    7: The tournament will be conducted in a "Double Elimination" format where if you win, you are put into the top bracket. If you lose you are put into the bottom bracket. these two brackets compete amongst themselves to see who will advance to the final game. For a demonstration, see the Game Results page.

    8: I will notify both players in advance of who will be playing whom and who will be white.

    9: It is the responsibility of the player designated as white to challange the black player.

If someone does not move in the alloted time, let me know through the "contact me" page. Let me know who you are, your opponent's name, and the game number from Stan's.