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Nukem's Chess
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Welcome to Nukem's Chess Tournament!

It is now,

I was a member at Stan's for a while and was not able to get in on any of the tournaments that were going on. So I thought to myself...Why not just make one of your own? So here it is.

This was briefly a Level 1 player only tournament but since creation, I have decided to open it up to all. There will be one round for each skill level, Double elimination. I'll try to allow as many players to join as I can handle (probably like 16 per Player level). After the first round of play, the top 8 will play to see who makes the finals and the bottom 8 will do the same.). I'll be updating frequently, so check back often!

I hope you enjoy your playing here.

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Nuclear effects on a house

knight My many thanks to Stan's for providing us with his site.


Why are there Nuclear explosions all over these pages?

You can find out by visiting my other site.

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